Food Culture: Behaviour and Attitudes Towards Food Safety


Continuous training and development are of primary importance in creating the appropriate food safety culture in every food establishment. This training program aims to give an inside of the various aspects of culture, mentality, attitudes and presents techniques that can be applied in every food business in order to create a positive and effective food safety culture.

This course will enable individuals to plan the process of identifying, measuring and improving their own organization’s culture of food safety. You’ll learn what culture is and how to implement plans to improve it, overlaying these with the FSMS to get best results.


Last day to book: 14/06/2022
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Price: €300.00 +VAT
HRDA Subsidy: €238.00
Cost after subsidy: €62.00+VAT

21 & 22 / 06 / 2022
09:00 – 17:30
Duration:14 hours


Trainer Efstathios Nicolaou

Seminar Content

  • Definitions – What is food culture
  • Food Safety Culture Models
  • Models and ways that can positively influence food culture
  • 5 dimensions of food safety culture
  • Leadership and Management
    GAP analysis
  • Training and Learning
  • KPI’s and their importance
  • Food Safety Culture in various departments

From this course participants will: 

1. Identify what culture is and how it affects food safety
2. Understand the link between food culture and successful implementation of international food safety standards
3. Evaluate current food safety behaviors
4. Assess the readiness of their organization to improve its culture in relation to food safety
5. Create an action plan to improve the culture within the company
6. Guide and motivate employees to create an effective food safety culture

Who should attend:

Business Owner / Managers
Food Safety Coordinator
Quality Manager
Human Resource Manager
Operations Manager
Procurement / Purchasing Manager
Supply and Distribution Managers

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