Food Innovation Center

A&E Solutions Consultants and Artima Food Ingredients joint forces to create the Food Innovation Center with the aim to help food companies to develop or improve existing products.

The food industry is a dynamic and ever-evolving industry with many new products developed every year to accommodate the increasing demand of consumers in the search of new products, healthier products and clean label products. At the Food Innovation center, we are currently working with a number of small and large organizations mainly in the meat industry to develop or reformulate their products and adapt them to the new increasing demand.

We closely work with our clients to develop new product concepts and we assist them from the inception of the initial idea through product is launch in the market. We can assist food companies to develop or reformulate products in order to improve its nutrition, increase its shelf life or improve profit margin.

Our expert consultants along with a team of industry experts from large multinational companies work closely together to develop unique flavored ideas always taking into consideration legal requirements in respect to ingredients used or health claims made


Healthy Burger

The purpose of this project was to design a new product which when it was compared to the traditional burgers in the market, was healthier in terms of nutrition and had added value attributes for the specific category.

The healthy burger was developed without using any additives, so it was E-Number free and can be classified as a Clean Label Product. In order to achieve this and without sacrificing the organoleptic characteristics of a burger, binding, texture, taste and juiciness a combination of fibers and a low salt content spice mixture was used along with lean meat.

After many trials and tests the Healthy Burger was developed and it was selected among many other products to be exhibited in the 2019 Food Ingredients Exhibition in Paris at CFF’s booth. CFF is a Germany based fiber producer that our R&D team works together.

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