Food Defense and Vulnerability Assessment


This course will provide the latest information on food defense guidelines and legal requirements alongside the GFSI standard expectations. Will present latest information about protection from intentional and malicious food adulterations. This course is designed for anyone who is involved with the development and implementation of food defense threat assessment and food defense plans at their workplace.


Last day to book: 26 / 05 / 2022
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Price: €300.00 +VAT
HRDA Subsidy: €238.00
Cost after subsidy: €62.00+VAT

03 & 04 / 05 /2022
09:00 – 17:30
Duration: 14 hours

Place: TBA

Trainer Efstathios Nicolaou

Seminar Content

  • Definitions – What is food defense
  • Food defense in the food chain
  • The role of the coordinator and food safety team
  • Human factors in food fraud and food defense
  • Food defense within the food safety system
  • Fraud assessment tools
  • Threat assessment (TACCP) – how to conduct a threat assessment
  • Vulnerability assessment (VACCP) – how to conduct a vulnerability assessment

From this course participants will: 

  1. Recognize the importance of implementing a Food
  2. Defense plan
    Formulate the concept of Food Defense
  3. Describe the vulnerability assessment process
  4. Plan and develop a VACCP (Vulnerability Assessment and Critical Control Point) and TACCP (Threat Assessment and Critical Control Points) study.
  5. Implement strategies to avoid exposure to fraudulent activities in the supply chain network
  6. Set up a mitigation strategy for best practices to prevent the risk of food fraud
  7. Familiarize themselves with the various tools available and raise awareness about food fraud risks
  8. Assess the potential risks associated with food vulnerability

Who should attend:

Business Owner / Managers
Food Safety Coordinator
Quality Manager
Operations Manager
Procurement / Purchasing Manager
Supply and Distribution Managers

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