Legal compliance is of outmost importance and this is the reason why at A&E Solutions Consultants we have a dedicated team of experts that provide expert advice on Food Labelling and factory or premises design.

  1. Food Labeling is a complex array of many confusing regulations and directives that vary depending on product type. We can provide advice on what is required to be available on a label or we can review and correct existing labels in order to be legally compliant.

At A&E Solutions Consultants we can offer the following services in respect to food labelling:

  • Food Label Review
  • Ingredient statement review
  • Allergen Declaration Review
  • Nutritional Value and health claims review
  • Label Design
  1. Factory design or premises design is a very critical stage when deciding to move to new premises or refurbish existing premises. At A&E Solutions Consultants we can assist clients on what is required by law and also liaise with competent authorities for architectural drawings approval and other parties involved in the design and construction stages.

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